Joe Regelbrugge

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Joe Regelbrugge (a.k.a. Joe Briggs) is an American actor, director and writer. Joe was a protégé of Milton Katselas, whom Joe met while studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, and continued studying  under and working with for over 10 years. Milton Katselas was a world renowned acting teacher and an award winning American director of film and stage, who trained under Elia Kazan and Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio. Milton took Joe under his wing in 2000, inviting Joe into his Master Class and focusing on fostering Joe's talent. It was through Milton that Joe learned the power of imagination, the importance of personalizing your work, and most importantly, how to be a person in a place having an experience.

Joe studied and taught at the Beverly Hills Playhouse for over 15 years, one of L.A.'s most prominent and respected acting academies. From student, to life-coach, to teacher, Joe fully experienced the vision of Milton's school. Prior to that Joe had studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Quickly Joe attained an agent in Los Angeles, and began working on television and film. 

 an actor Joe has guest starred on various shows including  7
th Heaven, Power Rangers in Space,  Young and the Restless, Hang Time, USA High, the Andy Dick Show... Joe was a recurring character on MTV's Undressed and Passions. Joe's love of theatre had him starring in many theatre productions, mostly in LA and off Broadway, including The Big Knife, La Ronde de Lunch, Pieces, Our Town, Dancing at Lughnasa, Dangerous Corner... Joe has done a variety of films, including Austin Powers II, Fast Lane to Vegas, Private Life, Only in L.A. to name a few. 

Joe has directed and produced dozens of plays and acting showcases, and is highly versed in theatre and film.  Joe also co-created, wrote, directed, acted in and produced the Funny or Die web-isode series, Chronicles Of My Barely Functional Life. As as writer Joe has written several screen plays as well as stage plays, and has won several awards for his writing. Joe also produced, acted, wrote and directed the short film,  The Better Way Agency. (Tennesse Williams, Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chekov) as well as contemporaty playwrights as well (John Patrick Shanley, Ariel Dorfman, Christopher Durang, Terrance McNally).

Joe’s passion is in creating art. In exploring the human mind and revealing humanity through characters and imaginary circumstances, bringing them fully to life, as if one was peering thgrough a window and watching a slice of life unfold before them. Through art we heal, through art we grow, for it is the artists that change the world. Having a direct approach to not only the artist, but to the working actor, Joe believes that luck is created through preparation and then creating your own opportunities. 

Joe has worked with numerous artists, including Al Pacino, Mel Brooks, Keith Carradine, Tom Arnold, Jessica Biel, Chace Crawford, Stana Katic, Steve Howie, Edie McClur, Joan Van Ark, Donna Pascow, Steven Baur, Sean Brosnan, Mike Myers, Dick Butkis, and Andy Dick to name a few.

Joe also had done improv and stand-up comedy in Los Angeles for several years, at the Improv in Hollywood as wells as the Comedy Store.

Joe has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1999.

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