Joe Regelbrugge


"Joe Briggs is simply fabulous as Nick, and I buy everything he sells" -INDIE THEATRE NY NOW review of the GLAAD Award Nominated (Outstanding LA Theatre) and 2012 International Fringe Festival Award Winner, Pieces.

"I was so impressed by the depth that the actors had taken to embody such wonderful personalities. I particularly loved the aggressive agent played by Joe Briggs. This guy could give Entourage's Ari Gold a run for his money…"  
Actors Entertainment, Ovation Award Nominated
La Ronde de Lunch. 

"..and Regelbrugge scores with non-verbal eloquence: He paces, he gawks, he rises onto his toes, he pulls his chin back, he drops his jaw, he shoves his hands into his pockets--all to good effect". - SEATTLE P.I. review, The Crumple Zone.


"The most touching scene consists of a hot verbal confrontation between a homophobic Arab-American (Paul Elia) and a gay barber "(Joe Briggs). The intensely delivered dialog, replete with racial slurs, and the near-fight resulting therefrom were not only entertaining, but made us start to really invest ourselves in the story and the ever-present redeeming value of human beings learning to look past differences in each other; lines were crossed, cultures were dashed, formalities were thrown out, and for the second time in the movie, I
really cared about what was happening…" Joe Holman review, Only in L.A. (review on both Joe's writing and acting).

"THE GOOD: This play start Joe Briggs as a posturing, preening Richard Burbage, who theatre buffs and historians will remember as being Shakespeare's leading man"…
"…with his tall stature, handsome features, funny facial expressions and physicality, Joe Briggs resembles a young Marlon Brando PLUS he has impeccable comic timing…"
ARTS BEAT LA review,
The Circle of Will. 

"Full-of-himself Agent Briggs' imitation of the sound his Mercedes is making is almost worth the price of a ticket, as is the sight of him licking his upper lip in an attempt to seduce the Exec. (Briggs also gets quite possible the biggest laugh ever from a much-told Celine Dion joke.)"-
 Stage Scene L.A. review on the Ovation nominated show, 
La Ronde de Lunch. 

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